You may be wondering

Wednesday, 06. Nov 2019

No concerts listed? What‘s up with that ...

  • Prokofiev

    Prokofiev´s 3rd Piano Concerto is one of ...

    Wednesday, 17. Apr 2019

  • Den Haag

    Meeting old friends and getting to know new ...

    Thursday, 29. Nov 2018

You may be wondering

No concerts listed? What‘s up with that?

No worries: I have not retired or moved to the other end of the world.

I am taking a sabbatical to finally finish the novel I have been writing for a long time now. N.W. (my main character) rightly keeps reminding me that her story needs to be told and I am the one responsible for getting it out there. I think she’s got a point. I have given in… and will keep you up to date, so watch this space!


  •  Photos by Marco Borggreve 
  •  Photos by Christine de Grancy 
  •  Photos by Philipp Horak