Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonata No 7 in D major Op. 10 No 3

CD by Gramola

Menuetto. Allegro

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Robert Schumann

Kreisleriana, op. 16

CD by Gramola

Serge Prokofieff

„War and Piece“ Waltz

CD by Gramola

"War and Peace" op. 91 - Waltz

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D. Shostakovich

Piano Concerto No. 2, 2nd Movement, Andante

The Estonian National Symphony Orchestra / Paavo Järvi Live recording from the "David Oistrakh" Festival Pärnu, 05.07.2006

Shostakovich - Estonia

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D. Shostakovich

Piano Concerto No.1

Academia Allegro Vivo/ Bijan Khadem- Missagh/Martin Mühlfellner, Trompet Live recording from the "Allegro Vivo" Festival, Altenburg Abbey, 13.08.2006

Moderato and Allegro con brio

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J. S. Bach

From the English Suite BWV 808

Sarabande, Gavotte and Gigue Live recording from the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, 17.12.2003

Joseph Haydn

Sonata in D Major, Hob. XVI:19 - Finale - Allegro assai

Sonata in D Major

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S. Prokofiev

Sonata no. 6 in A- Major, op. 82, 4th Movement- Vivace

Sonata no. 6 in A- Major

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A. Scriabin

Valse op.38 in A-Flat Major, Allegro agevole

Valse op.38 in A-Flat Major

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D. Pejacevic

Piano Quintet op.40 in b- Minor, 4th Movement- Moderato

Quarteto Amazonia Anika Vavic

Piano Quintet op.40 in b- Minor

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You may be wondering

No concerts listed? What‘s up with that?

No worries: I have not retired or moved to the other end of the world.

I am taking a sabbatical to finally finish the novel I have been writing for a long time now. N.W. (my main character) rightly keeps reminding me that her story needs to be told and I am the one responsible for getting it out there. I think she’s got a point. I have given in… and will keep you up to date, so watch this space!

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