Mariinsky Theatre

Monday, 21. Jun 2010

Meet the artist: Anika Vavic. Friday 25 June at 7:15PM

We welcome everyone to come and see the pianist Anika Vavic, who will spend a few days in St Petersburg as she performs in the concert on 26 June. Anika is not only a gifted musician, but also has a wonderful sense of humour and fluetly speaks Russian, English, German and her native Serbian. We are absolutely confident that a chat with Anika must be a wonderful event for everyone who will attend this meeting. Moreover, this gathering will give a chance for everyone who loves our theatre to meet offline (rather than online) in a pleasant informal environment. The meeting will take place on Friday 25 June at 7:15PM in the foyer of the Mariinsky Concert Hall (i.e. before the performance of Enchanted Wanderer on that evening). Please confirm whether you are going to attend this meeting using our online service Doodle: you only need to put there your name and e-mail address or phone number (no registration required)

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You may be wondering

No concerts listed? What‘s up with that?

No worries: I have not retired or moved to the other end of the world.

I am taking a sabbatical to finally finish the novel I have been writing for a long time now. N.W. (my main character) rightly keeps reminding me that her story needs to be told and I am the one responsible for getting it out there. I think she’s got a point. I have given in… and will keep you up to date, so watch this space!

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