21. 12. 2003

Kronen Zeitung (Florian Krenstetter)


Anika Vavic, born in Belgrade, ist the 2003/04 „Rising Star“ nomination who is to make her debut in European concert halls and in New York`s Carnegie Hall. Vavic plays very weightedly, calmly, never hurried

Everything seems well thought out, her touch conjures up a multitude of nuances ranging from subtle to penetrating. The sound breathes and sings.

For example, Haydn`s Sonata in D-Major. Charming the way she develops the motifs and the musical gestures. And how she draws to the foreground the subtly ironical Haydn hiding behind his conventional musical mask. Her presentation of Bach`s English Suite is masterful. The supreme art of articulation, abounding sound, rich in color, and rhythmical energy are impressive.

In the composer`s Sonata No. 6 she formulates Prokofjew`s stringent music with its brutal irruptions: Bordering on the limits of playability, the last movement, in which she nevertheless has all the details well under control, is thrilling.

Anika Vavic is a name you will have to remember.

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