17. 04. 2016

The Arts desk (David Kettle )

Vavic, SCO, Bloch, Queen's Hall, Edinburgh

[…] Serbian pianist Anika Vavic was the rather steely soloist in Shostakovich’s Second Piano Concerto for a performance that was as fiery and intense as that score might suggest. Brittle, too, at times, occasionally hard-edged, especially in an assertive first movement – but enjoyably so.

Despite all the high spirits and fizzing humour, though, there was always an edge of menace to Vavic's vision of the Concerto that never let us forget it utilitarian Soviet origins - even if she gave way nicely to indulgence in a lush slow movement, whose luxurience she matched in the exquisite, restless Scriabin prelude she offered as an encore, seemingly made up on the spot.

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