13. 04. 2019

Fränkische Nachrichten (Klaus Linsenmeyer)


Difficult Works, All of a Piece

During the Sixth Symphony Concert of the Mainfranken Theater, the Philharmonic Orchestra presented works by Sergei Prokofiev and Piotr Tchaikovsky at the Music Academy – two Russian composers with extreme stylistic differences. Both of them paid homage to Western classical form, but pursued their own paths for most of their careers.

Most Popular Concerto

Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C-major Op. 26 is the most frequently performed and popular among his five solo concerti; it is also the only one in which he stuck to the traditional three-movement structure.

The pianist Anika Vavic, who was born in Belgrade and lives in Vienna, can already look back upon a significant international career. Under the equally sympathetic and authoritative leadership of Würzburg's General Music Director Enrico Calesso, this rendition of the Concerto, which poses incredible technical difficulties, was all of a piece.


The soloist mastered the balancing act between the virtuoso's leonine paw and subtle swooning melodies, between wit and attractive sound. She delved into the Prokofiev of Russian folk poetry, as exemplified by the clarinet motif in the introduction, produced pearly brilliance in the Allegro's main theme and emphasized the grotesque sarcasm in the side theme. Both artists completed the finale in a cheerful, boisterous mood, offering an exuberant feast in the key of clarity, C-major.

The Philharmonic Orchestra supported the pianist's communication with the wit and airiness that is peculiar to this music, with an intuitive grasp of the composer's style, which veers between lyricism and satire. In the Prokofiev, there was sparkle even where the composer replaces pure virtuosity with enigmatic profundity.

Anika Vavic was impressive in her touch, which combined transparent articulation with a serious, non-superficial grasp of figures without a mannered attitude. The pianist emphasized the finale by maintaining an intense level of tension throughout.


In the encores by Scriabin and Schubert, the artist revealed once again her capability to listen profoundly. 

Translation: Alexa Nieschlag

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13. 04. 2019

Fränkische Nachrichten (Klaus Linsenmeyer)

Difficult Works, All of a Piece

13. 04. 2019

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