27. 09. 2019

Vogtland Anzeiger (Dr. W. Horlbeck)

High-Carat Launch of the 27th Season

Many sceptics may have problems with Dmitri Shostakovich’s music – this Piano Concerto No. 2 in F-major effortlessly finds its way to the music lover’s heart.

(..) The soloist Anika Vavic, who lives in Vienna, was excellent at conveying this. She mastered the intense piano part with technical brilliance (cadence!), yet never turned technique into a means unto itself, always intent on arriving at a substantial joint interpretation with the orchestra. She succeeded brilliantly, especially in the final movement – a compliment to the ensemble, which adapted to the virtuoso’s impulsive playing with attention and joy. The dreamy, youthful image of a romantic birch forest in the Andante movement was beautifully evoked. Anika Vavic rewarded the plentiful and well-deserved applause of the audience with two encores – in addition to a dance by Scriabin, a winking “Greeting from Vienna”.

Translation: Alexa Nieschlag 


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